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Paris-based freelance photographer and magazine cover/brand director with over 20 years of extensive experience. Demonstrates a profound mastery of lighting and composition, showcasing a unique artistic vision and professional expertise. Serving as the preferred photographer for major global fashion brands and several celebrity figures, the work seamlessly blends French romantic elegance with rich Chinese cultural undertones. Captures the essence of each piece from an international perspective, emphasizing the beauty of texture in every creation.

In 2016, collaborated with Ruby Lin  & Bvlgari as the ambassador photographer, producing promotional images that were featured in magazines. Received high acclaim from both Bvlgari and the magazine, garnering over 100 million cumulative views on major platforms upon release. Became a noteworthy creative achievement within the industry and was ultimately selected for exhibition in the Bvlgari Celebrity Museum. 

Captured character promotional shots for actress Shishi in Jackie Chan's film "

Skiptrace" subsequently featured in various major magazines.

In 2017, was invited to Milan to shoot the cover and entire special edition spread of "Harper’s Bazaar Men" magazine featuring actor Yuan Hong. The work garnered widespread attention, leading to a personal interview with Bazaar magazine.

In 2018, invited to shoot the cover and inside pages for "Men's Health" fashion and health magazine in Paris. The chief editor acknowledged the visually innovative impact on the magazine, featuring Chinese actor Liang Jingkang in this particular shoot.

Invited to shoot the music cover for singer G.E.M.'s new album "太美丽" in Monaco and also collaborated on a photography project with her for Louis Vuitton.

Recipient of the Best Portrait Photography Award "The Boy from Jerusalem" was recognized by the American Turturus Magazine and featured in their 2018 issue.

In 2019, served as a short film director for the NEW ANGANCE advertising campaign, broadcasted on major television networks in Hong Kong, mainland China, and France.

2023 Serving as the official photographer for Hong Kong celebrity Gigi Lai, captured promotional images for her beauty brand XOVE, contributing to both advertising materials and brand campaigns.

Photographer for the renowned Hong Kong artist and chairwoman of a listed company, shirley Cheung. Collaborated with the acclaimed photographer Chen Man to capture her European events, featuring actors including Donnie Yen, Idy Chan, Julian Cheung, Louis Koo, and Grasshopper members. The photographic images were published in major magazines such as East Week in Hong Kong.


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