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Lou  YANG is a chinese french fashion photographer in Paris. His photography is rich in cultural variety, showcasing his global eye. He has established in - depth cooperation within the fashion world, from media contacts, celebrities, and artists, to many well-known European and Chinese brands. He is not only active in the Paris fashion industry, but also in a vast range of visual arts, merging  photography,  design,  and  fashion  into  his  personal  style.  His   images  honor  the brilliance of capturing true expression while blending in his unique artistic fantasy.

Work as a fashion photographer is a very interesting job for me; you are working in fashion and at  the  meantime  u  can’ t  be  trapped  by  it;  when  I  work with fashion designers, their  work  inspire  me,  or art  director,  I  very  like  to  work  talent  creative  person,  but also I need to be independent  and  freedom,  and my own definition. I see this work is an art work but not just a photography to sell the clothes.


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